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Elevated Blends by Let's Talk Food


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This spice pack is your new box of go-to spices as you create magic in the kitchen. Especially when it comes to creating DELICIOUS plant-based food... IT'S ALL IN THE SEASONINGS!

All of these creations are potent, elevated, and alchemic spice and healing herbal blends that will raise the vibration of anything you create in the kitchen, and they will take your taste buds on a ride. Click HERE for a collection of my recipes (both cooked and raw, plant-based) that you can follow to use with your new set of spices! 

Cooking is meant to be a fun experience that allows for your INNER CULINARY ARTIST to shine and experience JOY! 

These blends were intentionally created to fuel and nourish both your physical and energetic body. 

Each blend focuses on a different chakra (energetic center within your energetic body). Click HERE to learn about chakras and how we can HEAL OURSELVES FROM ALL AILMENTS AND DIS-EASE by nourishing and aligning those energetic centers. 

Each blend provides that CHEF'S KISS🤌🏾 -- (unmatched flavor), to all of your dishes. 

Click HERE to access an expansive list of Chef Danielle's recipes that you can follow when you receive your box of elevated blends! 

This Pack Includes:

(1) BLack To My Roots Spice Blend (4 or 8 ounces)

(1) RICH Curry Seasoning Spice Blend (4 or 8 ounces)

(1) THAT Herbal Remedy Spice Blend (4 or 8 ounces)

(1) Handmade Wooden Teaspoon Measuring Tool (Hand Crafted out of Olive Tree)

(1) Intuitively Chosen Kitchen Crystal 

**Comes with exclusive recipes

***These blends can be used as aroma therapy! 

HOW TO USE: before adding these blends to your dishes, take a moment to take three deep breaths to embrace this Spice blend, to honor the plants that encompasses them, and to be fully present in Creating, with them.


💡This set makes for a great gift for home-cooks and Creators alike. It feels like a new set of paint and paint brushes, for a Painter. Only, these tools are for your Creative Kitchen Healing Laboratory. Happy Cooking! 


**The Trinity Box can be made with either 4 OR 8 ounces of each jar of spices. Choose which quantity when you add this item to your cart.



🎶Trinity - Lavva

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