Throat Chakra — Located at the center of your throat, this energetic center is all about Communication and Expression. Honesty. The medium from which we share our Truth. If this energy center is blocked, it can result in lack of courage to speak your truth. Can result in thyroid issues. Itchy throat. Lack of Self Confidence. Can result in perpetual lying. Can result in over-speaking or fear of speaking at all, Feeling like your voice is not heard/feeling like your voice is not important. Sinus issues. Losing your voice often, especially when ill. 


Color Association: Light Blue/Turquoise 


Foods to Eat to Activate and Nourish this Energetic Center:

Blueberries, Blackberries Peppermint/Spearmint, Lemon/Key Lime Water, Coconut Water, Elderberry, Blue Lotus Flower, Blue Butterfly Pea.


Wellness Practices to Implement that Support the Activation of this Energetic Center: Moon-gazing, Sky-gazing, Swimming, Connecting with the Water Element, Singing, Humming, Releasing Low Frequency Music, Incorporating the use of Sacred Instruments such as Sound Bowls, Drums, & Tuning Forks, Listening to High Frequency Music & Tones, Speaking Positive Affirmations Aloud, Listening to Positive Affirmations, Mirror work, Avoiding Gossip, Singing, Practicing Active Listening, Writing/Journaling, Meditation, Wearing the color Blue. 


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