Chef Danielle Sips Her Turmeric Latte.


Solar Plexus Chakra -- Located right below your heart, this energetic center rules your I AM presence. It governs your inner strength/power, confidence, and respect for self. If this energy center is blocked, it can show up as lack of self-confidence, lack of self-awareness, low self-esteem, lack of courage to pursue goals, living a life lead by EGO and not SPIRIT, overly judgmental of Self, Digestion Issues, Stomach Cancer, Colon Cancer.


Color Association: Yellow


Foods to Eat to Activate and Nourish this Energetic Center: Bananas, Pineapple, Sunflower Seeds, Millet, Amaranth, CousCous, Turmeric, Ginger, Curry, Warm Spices, Ginger, Chamomile, Lemon, Cardamom.


Wellness Practices to Implement that Support the Activation of this Energetic Center: Strengthen your core through core exercises and/or yoga, Deep Belly Laughter, Love & Respect yourself, Empowering yourself through Positive Affirmations.


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