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"The Fasting Manual" is Now Available to Order on Amazon!

Fasting is an ancient healing practice that has been utilized by the prophets, enlightened ones, master healers, and brilliant minds, for centuries.

In these pages you will find a Kick-Start 3-Day Juice Fasting Guide that is easy to follow, helpful tips & techniques to support your holistic wellness journey, & go-to plant-based recipes you can create before you start your cleanse, and after.

This book will take you on a journey. Are you ready??

I am honored to be your guide.

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Elevated Culinary Collections

Elevated Spice Blends

Elevated Spice Blends

A collection of potent herb and spice blends to WAKE UP your tastebuds... 

Elevated Teas & Elixirs

Elevated Teas & Elixirs

A collection of herbal compounds, teas, and elixirs to sip slow. 

Elevated Sauce/Pastes/Marinades

Elevated Sauce/Pastes/Marinades

A collection of fun plant-based pastes and marinades that will elevate your... 

May your Spices & Herbs be your Medicine.

Did you know most commercial spice brands are filled with inorganic fillers & preservatives that are harmful for the human body? Ours are all hand-made, always made with organic herbs and natural ingredients, making these blends potent, healing medicine. Take your power back by taking control of your health, through your FOOD!



Peace! I am Chef Danielle: the KiTCHEN MAGiCiAN behind all of these Culinary Products & Blends! I am the founder of Let's Talk Food LLC. I have had success in healing myself on a holistic level & transitioning into a plant-based lifestyle, without sacrificing flavor, and have helped countless others do the same.


Chef Danielle, founder, let's Talk Food Inc.


    I have traveled the world teaching and cooking for thousands of people of all ages, colors, cultures, and ethnicities helping them to transition into a Natural Lifestyle through delicious healing plant-based food. All of my creations are a reflection of my world-wide experiences!


    I have helped people eliminate waste in their Mind (Toxic Thoughts), Body (Toxic Weight, Illness, Dis-Ease!), & Spirit (Feeling Out of Alignment with their True Self/Intuition/Purpose) so that they can FINALLY live healthy & happy & feel light, by shifting to healthier food choices.


    I have helped people to find FUN, JOY, PEACE, HARMONY, & LOVE in the kitchen space & have guided them into creating it to be a healing creative space where they can heal themselves & their families, on a Mental, Physical, Spiritual, & Emotional level. These culinary creations will inspire you to have FUN in the kitchen!

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