What are Healing Crystals?

What are Healing Crystals?

Crystals are celestial beings. High vibrating stones uniquely formed out of earth material, elements and compounds... each manifested to support and help Heal us, for different reasons. Each Divinely designed to react with our bodies in varying ways. 


Crystals are rocks and stones that can be used to assist us in our healing; protecting against countless ailments and dis-eases, while also having the ability to support us in the healing of those ailments and dis-eases.


As these crystal beings have been imbedded into the earth for centuries upon centuries, they carry an infinite amount of wisdom, and can influence remembrance of the True Laws: the Natural Laws. The wisdom of NTR! Mother Nature.


These semi-precious gemstones can be used to bring balance in your mind, body, and Spirit. They assist in healing on an energetic level; meaning: they can initiate positive shifts in the subtle body and mind. Click HERE to read about Chakras and the subtle body: the energy body).


Yes, Crystals are energy beings! Meaning -- when you program them, they respond. When you receive a healing crystal, you can set an intention for them, and cleanse them! Charge them with your words! Cleanse them with sage, palo santo, incense, and/or whatever other cleansing tools you choose. 


I always keep healing crystals in my Kitchen Space to purify my kitchen's aura, to purify my fruits and vegetables, and to ensure that EYE, the Mystical Chef, am Purified. 


When you receive THE TRINITY (3-PACK, SPICE BLENDS) (click HERE to get yours if you haven't already!) you will notice an Intuitively Chosen Kitchen Crystal in your box...


All of our Elevated Blends in our Culinary Catalog are infused with Crystal Healing Energy. 


Please refer to THIS PAGE on my website to identify & learn more about which crystal you've received. Then, charge your crystal and keep it in your kitchen when you create magic with these seasoning and spice blends


Have fun, and remember -- Your words are POWERFUL!

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