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Let's Talk: The Soul Food Series.

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The purpose of this show is to set my mission for “Let’s Talk Food”, a holistic lifestyle brand I have started from the ground up -- [founded in, built on, and rooted in Love] --  in motion. The purpose is to be of service. To be able to utilize and share ALL of my gifts at once -- without having to sacrifice one. Being able to share what I have learned throughout my many experiences cooking for thousands of people across the globe of all ages & all walks of life, by introducing them to a more natural, plant-based, lifestyle.

Some of my gifts include: WRD. SND. PWR: My ability to speak/story-tell in a way that is captivating and brings listeners on a frequency of unity consciousness and gratitude, simply by allowing myself to be their mirror, by sharing my truth, in the most authentic way I know how. 

In addition to making use of my voice, also, being able to offer healing by creating medicine with natural plant-based food from the earth. Learning how to make vegan food INCREDIBLY fun & tasty. Especially in a time where people are learning just how important investing time and energy into their health is.

I also introduce many other healing modalities and practices such as Yoga, meditation, sound healing, fasting, etc.

This is a Culinary/Soul-Food/Spirituality Show.