Sacral Chakra -- Located right below your solar plexus, at your reproductive center/womb, this energetic center rules sexuality, pleasure, sensuality, feelings of joy and bliss, creativity/creative expression. This is the energetic center that governs your ability to create the life your desire by actively manifesting it. If this energy center is blocked, it can show up as an inability to express one's self through Creatively, Fibroid tumors and cysts, Infertility, Inability to full digest foods properly, fear of experiencing pleasure, inability to feel sexually fulfilled, inability to manifest desires, inability to come to completion of your goals and dreams, Inability to see yourself as sexy and attractive. For women, this chakra is connected to your womb/reproductive organs, for men, this chakra is connected to your prostate/reproductive organs. 


Color Association: Orange


Foods to Eat to Activate and Nourish this Energetic Center: Oranges, Mandarins, Pumpkin, Sweet Potatoes, Apricots, Mangos, Peaches, Dragon Fruit.


Wellness Practices to Implement that Support the Activation of this Energetic Center: Dancing, Massage yourself or get massaged, Take a bubble bath, Allow yourself to have FUN and experience JOY, Paint, Create Art, Participate in a hobby that brings you pleasure, Doing the work to heal and release any sexual trauma.


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