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Self-Love Bath Blend

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Picture this: it's Self-Care Sunday, and you're ready to bless yourself with a calming meditative experience.

You've cleansed your space, set some intentions, created a playlist with some high vibrational music, lit some candles, and brewed your Elevated Ceremonial Tea Blend.

..All you need now is to pour the contents of your self-Love bath blend into the tub... even a couple drops of your favorite essential oils and a dollop of coconut oil, if you'd like.

This blend contains:

Dried Organic Rose Petals for Love, Lavender for relaxation, Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals to Relax the Muscles, and Lots of Love and Healing Intentions.

You can bring a book or your journal in there with you, or, you can be fully immersed in the meditative spa experience by putting on a clay face mask and some cucumbers on your eyes.

This blend is good for (1) use. The Blend comes with (1) Tea Light Candle.

After your self-Love bath experience, be prepared to get some of the best sleep ever.



MODEL IN PHOTOS: Vanessa Chandler

PHOTOGRAPHER: Crystal Anokam

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