(RAW VEGAN) Sunflower Seed Sushi Recipe

(RAW VEGAN) Sunflower Seed Sushi Recipe

This recipe calls for the following products in the Elevated Pantry:



In a blender, add all ingredients except for the cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach, avocado, and nori sushi seaweed sheets.

Process these ingredients until the texture is like fine grains of rice. Scrape the sides of the blender with a flat spatula to assist.

On a nori sheet, apply your sunflower seed mixture on half of the sheet.

On that same half, apply your desired amount of toppings (cherry tomatoes, avocado, fresh spinach). Do not add too much, because you want it to be easy to roll!

Then, roll your sushi, starting from from the side that is packed with ingredients. 

Then, add a bit of water on the tip of the opposite side of the nori wrap (about 1 inch), to lock it in when it's wrapped. 

Then with a sharp knife, cut your sushi pieces. 


*Need extra assistance in the rolling process? Click HERE to watch a video of me doing some sushi rolling, so you can get a visual of how it's done. 


This sushi tastes AMAZING with my Raw Vegan RICH Curry Thai Peanut Sauce. To get the recipe for that sauce, click HERE. 


**This recipe is unlike any sushi you've ever had. It's the perfect blend of sweet and savory. Serve with coconut aminos (no soy sauce!) as a dip to elevate this meal even more!

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