All About: The Selenite Crystal

All About: The Selenite Crystal

Greetings! You are probably here because you received a Selenite Crystal in THE TRINITY (3-PACK, SPICE BLEND). (If you haven't already done so, and would like to learn about crystals and who they are, click HERE.)

These particular selenite pieces come from the beautiful sacred land of Morocco.

Selenite is a clear-white stone that resembles a bright Light 💡. This crystal does a great job of clearing your auric field, and charging your chakras with Light energy. This crystal assists in invoking the feeling of "light-heartedness." It's energy is pure. 

This is one of the only multi-use crystal cleansing tools, as it is one of the only stones that can be used to cleanse, charge, purify, and magnify other stones. 

These stones are shaped as erect wands, meaning it can help to direct energy. With it's two points, you can place them on specific chakras when meditating to clear and lighten those areas. 

Place this crystal in your kitchen to cleanse your "kitchen aura". When you are cooking with this crystal in your space, and using your elevated spice blends, be sure to set your intention. Be sure to be extra present, as you pour your Love into it, and allow your Food, to be Medicine. 

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