All About: The Rose Quartz Crystal

All About: The Rose Quartz Crystal

Greetings! You are probably here because you received a Rose Quartz Crystal in THE TRINITY (3-PACK, SPICE BLEND). (If you haven't already done so, and would like to learn about crystals and who they are, click HERE.)

Rose Quartz is a pink stone, vibrating HIGH on the vibration of LOVE -- the HIGHEST frequency. The energy of Rose Quartz can assist in healing broken-heartedness, empty-heartedness, cold-heartedness, or lack of Love for Self. 

You can use Rose Quartz to assist you in finding that deep, absolute Love for Self -- and from there, all other blessings will flow. We cannot deeply Love anyone else until we so deeply Love ourselves. Rose Quartz reminds us of this, as it assists in healing and opening our hearts.

You can meditate with your Rose Quartz stone placed on your heart space to super-charge your Heart Chakra. You can program your rose quartz stone with Loving Affirmations you'd like to manifest and affirm for yourself. Some of these affirmations can sound like:

"I love myself.

I trust myself.

I am Bold.

I am Brave.

I am Beautiful.

I am Healing, More and More, Each Day."


Affirm the Love you have for yourself as you speak these affirmations aloud. You are not limited to the affirmations I've written -- you are limitless. Affirm your limitlessness! 💗


Place this crystal in your kitchen to cleanse your "kitchen aura". When you are cooking with this crystal in your space, and using your elevated spice blends, be sure to set your intention. Be sure to be extra present, as you pour your (Love) into it, and allow your Food, to be Medicine. 

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