All About: The Citrine Crystal

All About: The Citrine Crystal

Greetings! You are probably here because you received a Citrine Crystal in THE TRINITY (3-PACK, SPICE BLEND). (If you haven't already done so, and would like to learn about crystals and who they are, click HERE.)

Citrine is known as the ABUNDANCE stone 🤑 !  It is important for us to note that although abundance can show up as DOLLA BILL$.. please know that ABUNDANCE is way beyond money -- Nature shows us this in her abundant being.

For example: Fruits trees -- busting at it's seams -- with mangoes, and green medicinal leaves.. providing for us with ease.. asking for nothing in return.. blessing us with Great Health: which is TRUE WEALTH...

THAT is an example of Abundance.

Abundance can show up as absolute Peace of Mind. It is with Peace of Mind can intuitive inspirations come to you.. it is with Peace of Mind can billion dollar ideas flow to you, effortlessly. It is with Peace of Mind, can we experience mental clarity. 🧠 Understand that your mind is your greatest tool/weapon; it is your ally in Creating the Reality you desire.

Citrine is also known as the CREATOR'S stone. An ally for artists, writers, poets, sculptors, fashion designers, painters, musicians, culinary artists, you name it. This stone does a great job at nourishing and charging the Sacral Chakra. 

With that being said, set your intention with your Citrine stone for the type of Abundance you desire and would like to manifest. No request is too large! Remember -- ABUNDANCE is your birthright! Think BIG.. and when you do.. THINK BIGGER! You deserve. 

Place this crystal in your kitchen to cleanse your "kitchen aura". When you are cooking with this crystal in your space, and using your elevated spice blends, be sure to set your intention. Be sure to be extra present, as you pour your Love into it, and allow your Food, to be Medicine. 

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