All About: The Amethyst Crystal

All About: The Amethyst Crystal

Greetings! You are probably here because you received an Amethyst Crystal in THE TRINITY (3-PACK, SPICE BLEND). (If you haven't already done so, and would like to learn about crystals and who they are, click HERE.)

Amethyst is the stone of intuition, wisdom, higher knowing, and understanding. This crystal is an ally for those looking to open up their 3rd Eye & Activate their Crown Chakra. It is a calming crystal that can bring forth clarity into your mind so that you can have clear thoughts 🧠💭. This stone is helpful in cultivating peace of mind, within... free of brain fog and confusion.  

If I were to compare this stone to a plant, I'd say it is similar to lavender. Very calming, and brings a sense of tranquility.

This stone can also be used for psychic protection and cleansing one's energy field.

When you receive this stone, you can cleanse it with your preferred cleansing tools (sage, palo santo, etc) set an intention with it, then do a calming meditation with this stone. You can lay down in a comfortable position, place the stone on your 3rd eye, and take deep nourishing breaths to center yourself.

Place this crystal in your kitchen to cleanse your "kitchen aura". When you are cooking with this crystal in your space, and using your elevated spice blends, be sure to set your intention. Be sure to be extra present, as you pour your Love into it, and allow your Food, to be Medicine. 

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