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FACE FOOD (Anointing Oil)

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FACE FOOD ! 🌱🍊🫒 

Our FACE FOOD is a nourishing Herb & Citrus infused facial oil. This sacred elevated blend is infused with prayers, and charged with the energy of both the sun 🌞 and the moon 🌝.


A light layer of our FACE FOOD is meant to be applied to your face after you've washed, cleansed and dried your skin. A little goes a long way!


Ingredients: Olive oil, jojoba oil, orange essential oil, frankincense, lavender, rose petals 444 extra Love. All ingredients are pure and organic.  


Amount: 1 oz.



HELPFUL TIP: When applying a light layer on your skin, speak affirmations aloud in the mirror. Affirm your beauty and your Divinity. May this be your daily rising ritual! 

You may also place a drop in the palms of your hands, and the crown of your head, to anoint and bless those energy centers.


Healing Benefits:

Olive Oil: Assists in preventing wrinkles and keeps the skin looking youthful. 

Jojoba Oil: This oil is similar to the structure of our own skin! So it can assist in replicating or dissolving oil (depending on if your skin naturally under or overproduces oil). This oil is filled with minerals, helping to soothe skin and provide all-day moisture. Can also assist in eliminating psoriasis, sunburn, and acne. 

Orange Essential Oil: Promotes clarity and radiance of the skin. Helps your skin to GLOW, honey!

Frankincense: For damaged or irritated skin, frankincense helps to heal the epidermis and nourish effected areas. It also helps to improve the tone and elasticity of the skin. Energetically, frankincense brings a sense of connectedness, peace, and calm. It also works to bring a protective shield around our auric field. 

Lavender: Works to help kill bacteria on the skin to prevent breakouts. Also helps to unclog pores. Lavender is also very calming.

Rose: The highest vibrational flower! 🌹 Aside from bringing a WAVE of Love into your auric field, rose also helps to combat redness and inflammation of the skin. It is also full of Vitamin A & C -- which slows down the aging process. 


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