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Let's Talk Food

The Shift. (The Only Vegan Meal Plan You'll Ever Need.)

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"the shift." is a 14-day KICK-START plant-based meal plan to organize, heal, and transform your life.

Includes 20+ easy & DELICIOUS Caribbean & World-Wide inspired recipes, weekly grocery lists, affirmations, & helpful tips on lifestyle changes to implement to inspire balance on a holistic level -- Mind, Body, and Soul.

This plan will feature easy recipes to follow. For those who:

  • Do not believe you can cook well/are not used to preparing vegan meals,
  • Are in the absolute beginning of your journey looking to transition or "test-drive" a plant-based lifestyle,
  • Are already vegan but looking to prepare more nourishing whole foods/plant-based meals instead of constantly eating out,
  • Have children, run businesses, work 9-5, or do not believe you "have enough time" to cook for yourself,
  • Feel like being vegan is expensive or you want to reduce food waste,
  • Would like to live healthier but do not know how/where to start when it comes to preparing/creating delicious vegan meals,
  • Are feeling like your body or spirit is starting to reject meat products/by-products,


You are in the right place. This plan is for you.

You will also receive:

  • 24/7 e-mail support
  • immediate access to an accountablity instant groupchat where we share positive affirmations, guidance, support, ask questions, and to share photos of our beautiful culinary creations during your 14-day transformational shift.
  • & more.
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