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Let's Talk Food

Plant-Based Cooking MasterClass: SUMMER SEASON (2022).

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This Course is For:

Those who are wanting to collect a set of very UNIQUE go-to plant-based recipes & receive REAL LIVE guidance from a MASTER KITCHEN MAGICIAN in creating healing food as medicine with ingredients you may already have available! This course will help you to shift your perspective, and look at fruits, legumes, veggies, nuts/seeds, grains.. etc… IN A NEW LIGHT! 💡

Are you:

  • Wanting to cook more plant-based foods but don’t know where to start?
  • Needing HANDS-ON assistance in the kitchen as you transition into a healthy plant-based lifestyle?
  • Discovering that your body is no longer feeling aligned with meat/dairy products?
  • Bored in the kitchen and need some helpful direction & inspiration?
  • Suffering from a dis-ease or illness that prevents you from eating foods you are used to, and you no longer know what to eat?
  • Looking for guidance on how to increase your energy through food?
  • Currently eating plant-based but are uninspired and don't feel satisfied?
  • Looking to learn how to find balance on the plate?
  • Looking for ways to heal yourself through food but don't know where to start?

then this service is for you!

this is a great service for those who are working on tapping into their "kitchen intuition". 

all LIVE classes are held on a chosen Saturday, every month in the Summer Season (May - August 2022) at 11:11am EST.


  • 21 May (Upon registering, you will receive the recording of this session as well as the recipes for the dish we created. RAmen Noodles! (Raw Vegan) 🍜 )
  • 18 June  (Upon registering, you will receive the recording of this session as well as the recipes for the dish we created. ROYAL BLack Rice Salad! (Raw Vegan) 🍜 )
  • 16 July
  • 13 August 

If you register after one of the listed dates of the LIVE MasterClass Experience, you will receive the replay for that class as well as all recipes.

If you are unable to make one of these dates, you will receive the replay of that class you missed as well as all recipes.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: You can either subscribe to pay in 4 monthly installments, OR pay for the Summer Season in FULL ($$ Off!)


  • GAIN IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO THE EXCLUSIVE RESERVOIRE! OVER 20 OF Danielle’s Alchemically Created Raw Vegan & Cooked Vegan Recipes AND Previous Live MasterClasses (thats 20+ hours of Meditation Sessions & Cooking Classes!)
  • upon subscribing you will be added to my subscription e-mail list. you will then receive an e-mail with the link to access our Private Facebook group where all information for classes will be posted. three to seven days before every monthly MasterClass, the name of the dish that will be created, grocery shopping list, and how to prepare for the MasterClass, will be posted on the FaceBook Group.
  • added to my e-mail list where you will receive Health & Wellness resources (such as helpful information on your plant-based journey & plant-based recipes) posted on our FaceBook group throughout the month.
  • be connected with other like-minded individuals who may have similar wellness goals as you, as you will be in class amongst other people on Zoom.


You will need The Trinity Box (3-Pack Spice Blends) in order to really excel in this course! Your meals will be NEXT LEVEL and it will feel as though Chef Danielle is literally in the kitchen with you. Click HERE to purchase your Spice & Seasoning Blend Box! (All recipes shared in this class will include seasonings from The Trinity Box.)

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