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Let's Talk Food

Milk & Honey: Spring Flowers Edition — Picnic & Womb Circle: San Diego, California (18 March 2024)

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Join the alchemist, Chef Dani of Let’s Talk Food, and the songstress, Godis Lavva for an outdoor picnic & womb circle to celebrate the new year. 

This is a baby friendly event: If you are bringing a child, PLEASE put this in the notes of your order at checkout.

On the day before the True New Year, we will gather in grace to charge our womb through sistarhood, grounding meditation & sound healing, mocktails, and raw vegan treats. We will honor our bodies through womb yoga, and speak words of upliftment to manifest our highest timeline as we move into this new season of life. We will give offerings to the land, and we will welcome in this Spring in Peace, Prosperity, and Unity.

We will also be doing a Godis clothes and adornment swap to welcome in the spring. If you have any clothes and adornments that you would like to gift or swap with another sister in attendance, this would be a great ritual to participate in to release any old energies in your closet, and welcome in new.

Dani & Lavva lovingly welcome you into the circle on MoonDay, NYE: March 18th, 2024 at a magical secret outdoor location in San Diego, California area. This is the second stop on our Milk & Honey tour/event series.



- Clothes & Adornments you’d like to swap/give away for the GODIS CLOTHES SWAP SESSION.

- a blanket and or yoga mat to sit on 

- a vessel to drink out of

- a journal & pen/pencil

- fruit(s) for the picnic to share with your sistars 



- silver coins

- crystals

- flowers (roses, sunflowers, or any other flower you are drawn to at this time)

- plants & herbs (rosemary, potted plants, etc)

- your signature/favorite raw vegan dish to share with your sistars (example: fresh guacamole, kale chips, trail mix, homemade delicious kale salad, homemade iced tea or organic juice, or more! get creative if you feel called. we’ll indulge in this meal family/picnic style.) no offering is too small, anything you bring to the table will be divine!




Monday 18 March 2024

1:11pm - 5:55pm

* This is an outdoor event. Exact address will be provided day(s) before the event.




Especially Mama’s, New Mama’s (babies 6 months and under can come, we will have a tummy time section for them!), Pregnant Goddesses, Sistars, Aunties, Grandmas! 



Godis Wear, yet COMFY! We’ll be doing a light yoga flow, and we’ll be outside. We are calling forward the SUNSHINE to welcome in the SPRING TIME, yet you can bring a light jacket if you wish.



this is a sliding scale event in which you can choose your price! this is to ensure all of our sisters can share space with us. you can give offerings from $8-$56. there are limited tix for each price. book ASAP! see you soon 🌹

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