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Let's Talk Food

Let’s Talk Food GIFT CARD

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Give the gift of ELEVATED kitchen essentials for your brother, sister, mother, father, friend!


This gift would be great for:

• Your sister-friend who is a home cook

• Your brother who is on a health kick and is trying to incorporate more plant-based meals in his regimen

• Your mamma who looooooves to cook!

• Your dad who’s absolutely into BBQing

• Your friend who’s into self-care/wellness

• That person in your friend group who is the self proclaimed “master chef” of the group

• That person in the family who is always leading Sunday dinners

• Someone you know who is wanting to explore vegan fare OR who is already vegan and wants to expand their collection of recipes

• Your tea-lover friend

• Someone you know who’s love language is FOOD!

…and more!


give the gift of LOVE ☺️ in food form. 

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