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JUST Organic Gingko Biloba

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Ingredients: 1 Sachet of JUST Organic Gingko Biloba Leaf (Dried).

All about Gingko Biloba:

Gingko Biloba is an EXTREMELY ancient Chinese plant that has been used for medicine for thousands of years. This is one of the oldest trees known to man! Gingko Biloba one of the greatest plants to use for brain function -- improving blood flow/circulation to the brain, thus, improving all levels of mental & cognitive function: memory loss, focus, and attention span.

This plant is also used to treat anxiety, depression, migraines, and even dementia and alzheimers. 


This plant is best used for tea, brewed with 1 tablespoon of it's dried leaves & 1 cup of boiling water.

 *This herb is not recommended while pregnant or breast-feeding.

Chakra(s) in Focus: Heart Chakra, Crown Chakra

Description: Earthy, grounding.

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