RAW VEGAN "Pulled (NO) Pork" (Shredded Jerk Oyster 'Shrooms)

RAW VEGAN "Pulled (NO) Pork" (Shredded Jerk Oyster 'Shrooms)

This recipe calls for the follow products in the Elevated Pantry:



In a small bowl, mix Black to My Roots, Jamaican Jerk Seasoning Rub, THAT Herbal Remedy, and (optional) additional spice. Then add oil(s) and maple syrup. Stir until the marinade is fully combined, and set aside.

With two forks OR with your fingers, pull apart and shred your oyster mushrooms until they have a shredded meat look and texture. Be sure to break apart, especially, those harder pieces of the mushroom.

Pour your marinade over your shredded 'shrooms, and dehydrate at 118 degrees on a flat dehydrator sheet for 1.5-2 hours.

This tastes delicious on a raw vegan sandwich with coleslaw and/or avocado, as raw vegan tacos in collard, Napa cabbage, or lettuce wraps, or as a full dinner plate with a delicious black rice salad, guacamole, and anything else you desire to put on your plate.

Enjoy, and get creative! This is a multi-use recipe. Try it in many ways! 

🎥 Watch the video HERE to see how it's made!

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